Copyright Policy

Bi-monthly publication of Wireline Workshop bulletin - normal copyright rules apply.

1. General

The bi-monthly bulletin on mineral wireline logging, called Wireline Workshop Bulletin is targeted at students, loggers and geoscientists. The goal is to increase understanding of basic concepts. The author is not a scientist and Wireline Workshop is not a scientific publication. It is a practical guide and it is free of charge.

2. Reproduction

Reproduction or distribution of this document in part or as a whole or in any other form is not permitted without the express written permission of the author, except for personal education and archiving purposes. Send enquiries in this regard to

3. Restriction of use

Normal restrictions on reproduction apply, such as the restriction to reproduce, copy, loan, present or sell to others.

4. Indemnity

The statements made in Wireline Workshop are the opinions of the author based on thirty years as a mineral logger, base manager and log analyst. He makes no warranty, either expressed in the text or implied by text or diagram, of the accuracy of statements made. The user of the information contained in Wireline Workshop does so at his or her own risk.

5. Erroneous publication

Images, diagrams and tables displayed in Wireline Workshop are either owned by the author, formally requested from the copyright holder or considered to be in the public domain. If the reader makes a justified objection to the use of a particular image, diagram or table, an error will have occurred. Corrective measures will be taken to either remove the item or provide all recipients of the bulletin with an erratum message or proper attribution to the satisfaction of the owner of the copyright.